Kaizen Training (1 day)

Date of Activities : 27 August 2016

Kaizen is the basic key of the continuous improvement. It can be translated into English as "change for good" and its sustainability is important. If you solve the problem at once, you don’t face the problems repeating daily.


Kaizen training can be had by employees at all levels however what is preferred is that he/she is a person who leads a team. Therefore he/she can establish a team and lead his/her team in the Kaizen application. Usage of A3 form will be theoretically described in the Kaizen training. All stages and problem solving techniques included in A3 form will be described to the attendees and examples will be given based on real applications. After the Kaizen training, all employees will learn the usage of Kaizen activity form and be able to solve the problems with Kaizen approach.


The expectation from the attendees of the training is to bring a problem with them when coming to the training and to grasp the variables belonging to this problem. To have detailed information on the training, please contact us by using the form in the communication part or give us your telephone, we will call you for the detailed information.


The training will be realized in the headquarters of OPEX Danışmanlık ve Eğitim Hiz. Ltd. Şti. and lunch is included in the training price; besides, tea and coffee will be served in the training hall.