Lean Expert Training (2 days)

Date of Activities : 12 August 2016

Attendance of the people who have abilities to realize the lean implementation in the operations is recommended. The expectation from the target profile should be the team leader or have one top position, he/she should have a grasp on the operation processes. He/she should be successful on change management; concentrate on the implementation, instead of analyzing, be respected by his/her collages, be able to delegate the existing duties in the 12 months after the training.


Grasping the lean principles is targeted in the training. After the training, lean implementtaions will be possible; in addition to the theoretical knowledge, the cases in the real implementation will be dealt with during the training. All lean tools to be used in the real life will be shared for the usage of the attendees as soft copies. To have detailed information on the training, please contact us by using the form in the communication part or give us your telephone, we will call you for the detailed information.


The training will be realized in the headquarters of OPEX Danışmanlık ve Eğitim Hiz. Ltd. Şti. and lunch is included in the training price; besides, tea and coffee will be served in the training hall.